the art of storytelling

expressed in design + illustration

I'm here to bring your stories to life through captivating design and illustration.
My mission is to create engaging, user-centric designs encompass visual communication solutions, informational development, and brand advancement.
Drawing from my background in animation, I craft illustrations for children's stories, educational materials, editorial art, motion graphics, and storyboarding.
Signature style
My personal style is a blend of tradition and contemporary influences, drawing inspiration from my indigenous heritage, the Coast Salish peoples in the unceded territories where I was raised, as well as from artistic influences like Mary Blair, Shag, Saul Bass, and others. I am passionate about the power of unexpected colour combinations while adhering to best design practices!
Brand ambassador
I am also a dedicated brand ambassador. Your brand needs and goals always take precedence over my personal style.
Explore my curated selection of work across branding, marketing, design, indigenous themes, and illustration. Let's tell your story together!
"Kat's designs made the brand come alive and provided an exceptional user experience"
- Julita F, product owner, SFU
Need a contractor?
I'm ready for new opportunities
Based in Asuncion, Paraguay, I'm seeking contract work worldwide.
So, if you're in need of a dynamic, experienced graphic designer and illustrator to elevate your company's visual standards, don't hesitate to reach out!
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